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A Secure Connected Future Is Here!
We have all been waiting for a proven security solution so we can be connected on the go, and its here! Liberty Security Systems, DSC Security Equipment, and Teleguard Interactive monitoring service have created a rock solid solution to meet our clients needs. We can now provide a cost effective video solution with the bonus of home or business automation. Our products range from security system controls, wireless indoor and outdoor cameras with IR, electronic door locks from Kwikset and Yale, plus lighting control modules. All of these devices can be securely accessed from your phone, your tablet, laptop, or PC. Contact us today to learn more about these new life style products.
Eliminate The Weak Link!
From our friends in Texas comes the last words in door reinforcement. Introducing The Door Devil. When it comes to home invasions your doors are the weakest link. Customers have refereed to their door being kicked in as an explosion. Do not let this be your description. The door devil reinforces the dead bolt/handle area on the door, the wooden frame attached to the home, and the hinge side of the door assembly. It is truly awesome! We recommend it for all exterior doors.
No Phone Line No Problem!
In the past couple of years as technology advances standard home and business phone lines have gone away. We see it everyday. If you have canceled your phone service or want to we have a way to monitor your security system. We are now using 3G/4G communicators for security systems on a daily basis. This allows you the freedom to leave the land line behind for good.  We offer special hardware pricing for currently land line monitored customers. Call us today!