Securing East Tennessee!

Welcome to our product page. Liberty Security Systems, Inc. is very selective of the products that we install, service and monitor. With over 50 years combined security knowledge and research we take great pride in the products we have selected for our clients. Our residential and business security products are supplied to us by DSC. We have a great relationship with DSC and our DSC vendor. Liberty Security Systems employees spend countless hours every year in training on the latest DSC products and enhancements. We feel their products are top of the line for added value to your home and family. Our product line does not stop there, we offer many options such as Golden State Cameras, Kwikset door locks, Z-wave components, products, Door Devil Anti-Kick plates, home automation modules and additional armour for your home or business! None of our products are proprietary.

Home Automation is a very excited avenue that Liberty Security Systems has been at the forefront of for the past few years. Our latest adventure with has opened all new doors for us in this market. Using DSC security equipment, Kwikset Z-wave door locks, modules and camera's we are able to provide our Tennessee clients with the absolute best home automation equipment in the industry.'s all in one app for your tablet and phone make controlling your home extremely simple. From motion camera still photo's to full on recorded events, our home automation and security systems can now provide something for everyone.

Additional home and business armour is what we like to consider stage three of security. One option of this stage of security is our Door Devil Ant kick plates. These plates offer fantastic coverage of your main entry doors. To read more about all the great products and features we offer, please click the appropriate link to read more.

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Christina Cavanaugh

Office Manager

Liberty Security Systems, Inc.

Knoxville, TN 37934