Securing East Tennessee!
Welcome to our Home automation page. The above photo from offers a great visual understanding of how home automation works. Liberty Security Systems, Inc. is based in the Knoxville, TN area and we provide installation, servicing and monitoring of your home security, home automation and security camera systems. The key features in your home automation system are; Security System; Security Cameras; Connected Thermostats; Electric Locks; Garage Door Opener; Light Modules; UL Certified Monitoring; Phone and Tablet Apps and more. For more information on each of these items, please continue reading below.

Connected Thermostat saves clients money and is a key feature in your home automation suite. It allows precise control of your thermostat system while at home and away. It also allows for control during emergency scenarios. The monthly cost saving of using this device usually equals the average monitoring fees. A win, win for our clients!
Electric locks are awesome! They have a huge impact on the end user like no other device. Your keys are no longer needed and remote usages are amazing. Scenarios like did you forget to lock your door no worries, do you need to allow remote access when you are not home or out of state? This product offers solutions to tons of problems.
Everyone has forgotten to close the garage door. Even us! This device does what it should straight out of the box. It opens and closes you garage door remotely. It also tells you in what condition the door is in. Combine this device with a inner and outer camera and its uses are invaluable.