Securing East Tennessee!

Security System Monitoring Services

Security Central provides UL Certified around-the-clock alarm monitoring to residential and commercial properties including farms, industrial facilities, schools, retail stores, banks and elevators. Our operators answer calls from our central station in Statesville, N.C. Security Central operators undergo extensive training and handle each call with the utmost care and attention. Most basic alarm systems provide protection through digital dialer-enabled panels. Our receivers are compatible with all major transmission formats for burglar, medical and fire panels. Please refer to our compatibility list below for a detailed list of formats supported.
Internet & IP Signals

IP monitoring allows alarm signals to be transmitted over the internet as well as over private networks, enabling you to support customers who have switched to broadband or digital cable telephone service rather than traditional (pots) telephone lines.

The optional Keep Your IP service, provides dealers their own receiver IP address, so that IP based alarm systems can be routed in a manner similar to traditional 800 numbers. Keep Your IP gives dealers the flexibility to route their IP signals as they desire.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of internet formats supported.

Cellular, GSM & 4G Devices

Often referred to as backup communications devices, the latest offerings of GSM, GPRS, Cellular and Long range radio systems can also be used as primary communications systems. These systems can protect the security of your clients' homes or businesses in the event of a telephone or broadband internet service disruption. Security Central maintains separate receivers for GSM, Cellular and Radio communications, ensuring that backup communications are available at all times.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of cellular & wireless formats supported.

2-Way Voice & PERS

Typically used with Personal Emergency, Elevators, and Two-Way enabled intrusion systems, two-way voice monitoring allows two-way communication with our central station through your customers' alarm system. With two-way voice, your clients can provide important information to our operators from anywhere in their homes or businesses without having to locate a phone.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of PERS systems supported.

Our Employees

Every step of the way, you can be assured that your safety is in the hands of America's most professional central station with Security Central's response team.

All employees at Security Central are bonded by the state of North Carolina and other states across the country. Bonding includes a complete fingerprint and criminal record search. All this information is obtained and sent to the Alarm Licensing Board where it is processed by the SBI. The licensing board then reviews the findings and must approve all applicants before anyone is allowed to begin training at our facility. Any offenses other than traffic violations prohibit employment with our company.

After potential employees have successfully passed the bonding process, they are subjected to drug screening tests. All employees are randomly tested for drugs during their employment at Security Central.

All Security Central operators are trained by our resident instructor, who is certified by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International, Inc. (APCO) (APCO certifies 911 dispatchers). During the first four weeks of training new operators spend 160 hours at our on-site training facility. They have access to a simulated central station, set up on a separate computer system, where each new operator practices his or her skills. Our training facility provides valuable experience as the traffic flow, type of signal received, and calls are replicated from actual experiences in the central station. The fifth week of training, the operators are placed in the central station with a qualified, veteran operator for supervised hands-on experience. The final and sixth week of training the new operator is tested by the instructor to be certain all skills have been mastered. The level of service all operators are trained to offers our customers the best customer service and knowledge in an event.

Once a quarter, all central station supervisors and operators attend a mandatory refresher class. During each refresher, we review the latest technology at Security Central as well as review procedures and address any concerns.

Most importantly, you will find our security response team is prompt, friendly and courteous.

Compatibility List

IP (Internet) Formats

DSC T-Link


Interlogix (formerly GE/Caddx)

Honeywell AlarmNet (i products)

Firelite IPDACT

Teldat/Firelite MIP

Bosch (Radionics)


Wireless Systems





Interlogix (formerly GE/Caddx)

Honeywell AlarmNet (GSM products)



Mesh Network


Mobile PERS (mPERS)

Numera Libris

2-Way Voice Systems

Honeywell AlarmNet 2-Way

Interlogix+2Gig over

Tellgard TGP

All 2-Way and PERS units utilizing major industry formats listed below

Elevator Panels

Any elevator panel able to send identifying signal using a major industry format listed below.

Video Verification

Cernium CheckVideo

Honeywell RapidEye

Dedicated Micros


Traditional Formats

10-40 Baud



Checksum 3+1

Checksum 4+1

4+1 Extended


4+2 Express



Ademco Express

Ademco High Speed

Ademco Super Fast



Contact ID


FBI Super Fast


Modem IIa2

Modem II

Modem IIA

Modem IIB

Modem IIE

Sescoa Superfast

SIA 20





SIA 2000



Surgard 4+2

Surgard 4+3

Surgard 4+3 Check